Sunday, July 3, 2011

Rainy Days

Rainy Days: Instruction Booklet

Since the Film revolves around the playing of a video game, it made the most sense to me to design the fun pack after a Retro Video Game Instruction Manual..

Prop Design: Animatable Props

Prop Design: Hard Object

Set Design: Choosing a Wall Color

With the focus of the film being the relationship between the two characters, it is important the character always stand out, color wise, from the background. With Kurt having a black t-shirt, darker hair and dark blue navy pants any light opaque color will allow Kurt to stand out, but when considering Pioh costume special care had to be taken. Most of Pioh's costume Design is comprised with less saturated colors making it easy to decide on a dark color of the same hue allowing his suit to pop,. I ended up choosing a slightly darker color than 2 to complement the red backpack and pop out the light green.

Poster Designs

The Film is set in the early 90's giving me a great opportunity to share further my nostalgic childhood memory's while combining then with fun parodies of friends

Set Design (First Pass): Wood Paneling, PolyStyrene Walls

Final Puppets

Story Change: Quick Rough Lieca

Creating Pioh Puppet

Creating Kurt Puppet

Head: I created Kurts head with Brass stock, two-part apoxy, tin foil and sculpy.